"Musicology~ Episode 3"

empire network PBS

We are Episode 3 "A Hint of Italian" on Season 2 of the tv show, Musicology airing on 9/29/20 at 10:30pm with a replay on 10/3 at 11:30pm on KVCR PBS.  

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"thrive global" authority magazine review

by Yitzi Weiner

"Follow your instincts.  You have feelings for a reason. 5 Lessons from Musician, Kristen Lynn



Cover lay down

by Joshua Farber

"Sunshine Review" 


"Lonely Girl" ALBUM REVIEW

Noho Arts District Music Blog; by Francesca del Consol

Good Morning Lala land


Thank you to @robmackofficial @drerin.tv & @jezlan at @goodmorninglalaland for having me and the band on your show! We had so much fun playing and I loved getting to chat with you.


Episode 28 of "The Whiskey and The World" Podcast is up!  Stephen and I had a blast on the show. It's all about Hangover drinks, movies and our new album!! Listen to "Lonely Girl" & incriminating questions about the band starting at 28:24. It just keeps getting better when the whiskey keeps on coming. Kitty & Joe are the best! 

LISTEN HERE: EPISODE 28: Whiskey And The World

Read about it here: www.whiskeyandtheworld.com

Whiskey and the World thanks so much for having us!!